Business Essentials Catalogue

Having identified those workplace learning topics that contribute effectively to improved business performance, we have developed a Business Essentials Catalogue delivering learning modules that support improved business results.

We deliver the course catalogue via our user friendly LMS. For the majority of the courses, duration is around 60 minutes. Learners are able to work on a course at a suitable time and place and return picking up where they left off previously. Book a demo with our team now and see how our courses help you focus on improving both people and business performance.

Take a look at the Business Essentials Catalogue

This brief video provides a look at how the Business Essentials Online Training Catalogue is delivered to learners via the LMS platform and also demonstrates the navigation and the use of styles and interactive elements throughout the courses.

The Catalogue offers a range of workplace topics to cover all major functions.

We have developed the courses that employees really need to ensure that they are compliant and successful in their roles.

Health and Safety

There are some courses that are a fundamental part of making sure your workplace is both safe and legally compliant.

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Human Resources

Simple and straightforward HR training to help address legal compliance and effective people management.

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Policy and Compliance

This is often a necessary obligation and organisations need to prove that employees have taken appropriate training.

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Leadership & Management

Help your leaders and managers develop the skills, knowledge and abilities they need to be successful in their roles.

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Personal Development

The range of Personal development courses we offer improves the effectiveness and performance of your team.

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GDPR & Cyber Security

Beware! Many “GDPR trainers” do not have the relevant professional skills, experience or knowledge to advise on GDPR.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We focus on helping employers, employees, suppliers and customers understand how to address diversity.

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Customer Service

Do your team members understand what you mean when you talk about great Customer Service?

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Marketing Insights

Your marketing team need to support your sales activities and demonstrate a healthy return on your marketing spend.

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Sales Skills

We focus on providing your team with the skills, techniques and behaviours that deliver real impact on your sales results.

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Cost Effective Learning Collections

For those who feel that they do not want to take advantage of our full course catalogue, each topic area from the catalogue is available as a separate, complete Learning Collection. Each Learning Collection provides a pathway of learning and includes a course module, assessment and certificate for each course in the collection. Many of the courses also include a printable memory Jogger, checklist and workbook.


We also have further collections that focus on very specific areas:

1. The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children Collection
2. The Food Hygiene and Nutrition Collection


Safeguarding places an obligation on employees & employers to make the safety & wellbeing of children, young people & vulnerable adults a priority.

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Food Hygiene

Food safety and hygiene are critically important areas for business that manage, prepare or handle food.

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