• The wheels on the bus …

    If you have or have had young children, I am quite sure that you will have completed the sentence in the title without even trying – whether you wanted to or not!  The chances are you will never forget this song too! There are two main reasons that children relate to this song and are […]

  • Experiencing Enlightenment – Part 2 – Music and Life!

    In the first part of this article, we looked at the way cardio equipment manufacturers are utilising engagement and interactivity to help people get fit. Part 2 looks at learning from another angle. Do any of you play musical instruments?  I play one, although some of you might disagree that it is a musical instrument…  […]

  • Experiencing Enlightenment – Part 1 – In the Gym!

    In order to improve my fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I have recently started training again at the gym and on my last visit it suddenly struck me how much cardiovascular equipment has changed over time. Several years ago, the cardio equipment in the gym didn’t have a screen or if it did, it […]

  • Gamification – a useful learning tool or an entertaining distraction?

    Let’s take a look at why you might include gamification in your learning toolkit. Gamification has become a common topic within eLearning circles and is pushed by some as the answer to making online learning more engaging and interactive. However, you need to consider whether the gamification content you develop contributes to enhanced learning or […]

  • The Flipped Classroom – a powerful approach for learning.

    The flipped classroom

    The flipped classroom is becoming an increasingly powerful way to deliver effective learning. Popular in educational establishments, this approach is now working its way into many business organisations.  So let’s start by understanding what we mean when we discuss the flipped classroom. In essence, this approach requires learners to assimilate knowledge on a particular skill or […]

  • Bespoke eLearning or generic courses?

    Bespoke elearning

    Bespoke elearning or generic courses? This is a question we get asked quite often and although the answer seems like a compromise, in truth, it really does depend on the need. Perhaps the most useful approach is to consider a number of questions and use your answers to guide your thinking. Points to consider: Is […]

  • Blended Learning-expanding your learning success

    Blended Learning

    Let’s first discuss what we mean by Blended Learning. When we use the term Blended Learning, we mean providing a variety of integrated learning opportunities such as classroom and workshop based activity, online and offline learning tools as well as on the job learning with job aids and support tools – all of which contribute […]