• Whether you see elearning as online content, part of a blended delivery approach, a pre-cursor to your flipped classroom or engaging interactive video, we help you deliver the best supporting tools for your learners.


  • Breathe new life into your existing content and introduce new ways for your learners to grow their knowledge with interactive materials that engage.


elearning is about supporting learners with engaging learning content

It can be delivered online, offline, via desktop, laptop or mobile devices. It can also form part of a Blended Learning approach – which combines online learning with more traditional approaches such as classroom training or job aids.


  • eLearning can include a range of media elements and an assessment to test for understanding:


    • Text – Graphics – Illustrations
    • Video, Audio and Animation
    • Screen Capture
    • Knowledge Checks – Quizzes
    • Video Presenters
    • Links to further resources
  • Content can be created and delivered within a variety of engaging interactive tools:


    • Interactive Video
    • Simulations
    • Job Aids
    • Interactive PDFs, SmartDOCs
    • Infographics
    • Flashcards
  • Benefits

    eLearning delivers practical benefits for both individuals and the business itself


    • There are no travel costs
    • Ideal for homeworkers or virtual organisations
    • Once developed, delivery costs are low
    • Learners can use at a time, place and pace that best suits them
    • Learners can get it wrong in private – no embarrassing situations – which encourages learners to try new things
    • Learners can practice and practice and practice – improving their skillset
    • Simulations and video material can provide realistic training scenarios for more effective training
    • Training will always be delivered consistently
    • eLearning can test learners and demonstrate results to auditors
  • Benefits

  • Generic or Bespoke

    A key question when considering elearning, is whether to develop bespoke content or use generic off-the-shelf courses. Bespoke development is generally more expensive initially but then usually has no ongoing fees unlike generic or off the shelf content where the TCO can be higher because of per user pricing, renewals etc.

    Off the shelf content is pre-built and focuses on common business activities so is ready to use immediately, but will be generic by its very nature. Bespoke content is much more tailored to your content, your culture and your audience and therefore may be more beneficial.

  • eLearning-Bespoke

  • Blended

  • Blended learning

    This simply means combining different methods of learning, including offline tools. A typical blend might be an introductory classroom event or workshop followed up with some online self study, job aids and then continued assessment via elearning quizzes.

    We deliver a variety of learning resources and assets to support your Blended Learning Programmes such as:

    + Interactive PDFs and responsive documents
    + Video, animation and audio podcasts
    + Knowledge Learning Portals
    + Process Posters and Job Aids
    + eMagazines
    + Presentation Materials

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    A Learning Management Systems (LMS), provides an infrastructure for managing learners and learning content. These learning portals provide functions to handle course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. They give learners access to online courses and provide the ability to control access to learning content as well as assess how learners are performing.

    A LMS system will enable you to import SCORM or TinCan (xAPI) courses developed in elearning authoring tools.