Smarter Business

  • There are many areas within your organisation where eLearning can help you become a Smarter Business. We create bespoke eLearning content so that your learners receive the training they need to work smarter within the workplace.


Take a look through the sections below to see the kind of learning that can power
your people performance. We help you develop materials for any aspect of your business – just get in touch to move your elearning forward.


    • I&OB

    • Induction and Onboarding

      When onboarding new staff members, you need to get them up and running and performing as quickly as possible. You need a process for new employees that is consistent, cost-effective and ideally starts before they join.
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    • CS

    • Customer Service

      What impression does your business present to the outside world? Is it appropriate? Do your team members understand what is expected of them and how to deliver this consistently? Introducing eLearning tools that focus on what you expect in terms of Customer Service can ensure your staff deliver a great customer experience every time,
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    • S&MD

    • Sales and Marketing Development

      Are your sales people selling at the right level? Do they know how to engage at this level and identify appropriate value propositions for your products and services? Is marketing delivering engaging communication that supports the sales process and builds long term relationships?
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    • CPD2

    • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

      Continuing Professional Development (CPD) addresses the requirement for the ongoing development of skills in the workplace and for certain professional service careers. CPD enables the individual to stay effective, learn new skills and keep abreast of industry developments.
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    • C&P

    • Compliance and Policy

      In today’s ever more litigious world where increasing regulation has become the norm, it is critical that organisations meet the challenge of ensuring teams are aware of and consistently follow company policy, rules and regulations.
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    • L&M

    • Leadership and Management

      Optimising your management talent is a critical tool for continued business growth and development.
      To support this, consider introducing eLearning content that is both engaging and flexible – so they can access this as and when they have the time or the need.
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    • S&PT

    • Systems and Process Training

      For certain staff to be fully effective, they need to truly understand your systems and procedures. You need to be sure they understand these well enough to consistently apply them time after time and to make learning engaging so they don’t ‘tune out’.
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    • PMT

    • Performance Management Training

      Managers who have responsibility for the performance management of their staff may benefit from training to help them manage performance effectively. This may include training on the performance management process, how it will operate and what the roles of individuals within the process will be.
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