Client Solution Snapshots

The client solution snapshots below provide an overview of the problems that our clients have faced and how we addressed those issues. We have produced many more solutions for clients so please get in touch to discuss your particular needs.
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Assessment Centre – Transforming from paper to digital reviews

The Problem – Paper based delivery was causing a number of issues

    1. Lost candidate and scoring documents
    2. Potential issues around GDPR and candidate privacy
    3. Lack of consistency due to managers “adapting” the paper based assessment



The Solution – A web app based assessment platform

    1. Provides online guides for candidates and internal team members
    2. Enables online capture of candidate preparation materials
    3. Likert scale assessment documents available on ipad for speed and ease of assessment



The Outcome – Successful global rollout

  1. No more lost assessments – less HR stress
  2. Less time training managers in the process
  3. Reduced HR overhead from a “policing” perspective
  4. Higher quality candidate recruitment
SmartLMS – Simplifying learning delivery

The Problem – An existing LMS that didn’t fit the organisation

    1. Complicated admin and difficult to easily edit courses and assessments
    2. Difficult to manage and control learner access
    3. Limited reporting so analysis was poor



The Solution – SmartLMS, our business LMS platform

    1. Learner and group management as standard
    2. Dashboard information plus detailed reporting on courses, learners and assessments
    3. Cost effective, pay monthly platform with no tie in



The Outcome – Improved learner management and training

  1. Reduced admin time on overall management of learners
  2. Increased learner throughput, translating to increased revenue
  3. Our existing course catalogue was added to boost course availability
  4. Improved training ROI evidenced by increased workplace performance
Onboarding – Helping speed up effectiveness

The Problem – Existing onboarding process was tedious and slow

    1. Lack of consistency in messaging
    2. Boring and ineffective content meant poor engagement
    3. New employees were not contributing effectively for several months



The Solution – A new set of online modules plus revamped PowerPoints

    1. Interactive modules built to “pre-flight” joiners
    2. Compliance based modules delivered consistently
    3. Assessments on compliance essentials available for audit purposes



The Outcome – Recruits contributing quickly to business performance

  1. New joiners up to speed and delivering results quicker
  2. Increased scores on assessments demonstrated an increase in understanding
  3. Reduction in overall onboarding timescales
Process Line Training – Reducing downtime and mistakes

The Problem – Line training was inconsistent and not as effective as needed

    1. Majority non English employees with limited English fluency
    2. Frequent mistakes were closing the line down for up to 30 mins at a time
    3. Employees were not following Standard Operating Procedures
    4. There was significant and costly waste



The Solution – LMS, bespoke SOP modules plus job aids

    1. Interactive modules utilising graphics for less reliance on text
    2. A range of job aids to underpin training
    3. Assessments on LMS to identify problem areas



The Outcome – Reduction in costs to the business

  1. Less line down time
  2. SOPs understood and followed reducing waste
  3. Less team leader intervention needed
Product Installation – reducing mistakes and breakages

The Problem – Breakage costs were high due to poor pre-assessment and installation

    1. Measurement was critical in pre-assessment but was failing
    2. Incorrect preparation and installation were resulting in excessive breakage and poor customer service
    3. If paper based instructions were left in the office, the fitter would “guess” the installation procedures



The Solution – Bespoke online modules for both pre-assessment and fitting

    1. Video incorporated to demonstrate correct procedures
    2. Available online so could be accessed via smartphone if needed
    3. Modules outlined the critical nature of pre-assessment, measurement and fitting techniques



The Outcome – Improved satisfaction, increased sales and reduced costs

  1. Huge reduction in breakage
  2. Improved customer satisfaction – increased sales
  3. Motivated fitters who fully understood the complete process
Video Skipping – Ensuring learners watch the training videos

The Problem – training videos played but not watched!

    1. Video training was easy to start & then ignore (or go onto social media)
    2. No way to test comprehension during the video
    3. Tracking the viewing was virtually impossible



The Solution – Interactive video pauses the video & overlays questions

    1. Ensures engagement with the video content
    2. Knowledge checks used to aid comprehension of ongoing content
    3. Answers and stats can be collected and audited



The Outcome – Video training now contributing to improved business performance

  1. Training effectiveness increased and measured by question results
  2. Improvement in workplace performance
  3. Requests for further supportive training modules demonstrates success
Equality & Diversity Knowledge – changing hearts & minds

The Problem – Lack of understanding around equality, diversity & inclusion

    1. HR issues affecting staff morale
    2. Organisation opened up to possible tribunals and litigation
    3. Employees unsure how to behave/speak with certain team members



The Solution – A range of diversity courses plus guides & resources

    1. Cross device friendly modules with knowledge checks and assessments
    2. A specific manager’s guide developed for leaders in the business
    3. All content developed by subject matter experts



The Outcome – Diversity being recognised as a business enabler

  1. Improved relationships across the business
  2. Management & team leaders spending less time handling “difficult” situations
  3. Reduced litigation exposure for the business
GDPR – helping employees recognise their personal responsibility

The Problem – Employees did not believe GDPR was their responsibility

  1. They regarded this as an IT issue and nothing to do with them
  2. Much of the GDPR training they received focused on compliance and responsibility
  3. There was no buy in to existing classroom based training training


The Solution – Gamified, scenario based learning modules

  1. Use of characters and scenarios to capture attention and buy-in
  2. Knowledge checks throughout to assess comprehension
  3. Animated videos in the summary re-enforce the learning
  4. Tips throughout the module deliver bite sized learning pieces


The Outcome – Risk level reducing due to increased responsibility

  1. Employees began to recognise their role and are beginning to take responsibility
  2. Employees are able to take the course on any device including their smartphone
  3. Policies and procedures are now being followed
  4. The organisation is now at a reduce level of risk compared to previously
Compliance - making it easy and reducing risk

The Problem – Compliance is seen as an unwelcome burden

    1. Existing information governance training was text heavy and overly long
    2. Learners showed little retention post training
    3. Employees were failing to follow required procedures



The Solution – SmartLMS plus cross device modules

    1. Modules use interactivity and graphics to increase interest
    2. SmartLMS used to audit assessments and demonstrate understanding
    3. Micro refresher modules developed for regular refresh



The Outcome – Information governance becoming an accepted business process

  1. Employee retention levels measurably increased
  2. Procedures now followed routinely reducing the risk of litigation
  3. Further training budget made available for other areas of the business
Job Aids – increasing productivity in the workplace

The Problem – Employees had no set method for performing certain workplace tasks

  1. No post training tools available for job related tasks
  2. As there were no defined methods, employees performed tasks their own way
  3. Employees were forgetting how to perform tasks if they hadn’t done them for a while


The Solution – A range of job aids designed and made available to employees

  1. Job aids supplement and reinforce what has been taught during a formal training programme
  2. These act as reference tools for critical tasks
  3. Job aids in the form of checklists, worksheets and infographic flowcharts


The Outcome – Workplace performance improved

  1. Employees able to work faster as they have a reference guide which hellps increase their productivity
  2. Job aids help learners with key information and use them at the right time
  3. Reduced errors meant a reduction in costs
Filmed Video – Delivering video training to an appropriate standard

The Problem – Low quality video gave the impression of low value training

  1. Product training was shot on ipads with poor audio & low quality due to low light conditions
  2. People are used to high quality media so felt this training wasn’t worth their time
  3. Low engagement with the training videos meant low retention


The Solution – A new set of high quality product training videos

  1. We filmed materials using our in house production team to capture high quality footage
  2. We advised on the scripts and storyboard so that there was a logical flow to the media
  3. Job aids in the form of checklists, worksheets and infographic flowcharts


The Outcome – Video training now contributing to business performance

  1. Videos now accessed on a regular basis without prompting
  2. An increase in sales due to effective product knowledge in both customers and the sales team
  3. Less customer service calls as clients are more aware of product capabilities

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