Improving Workplace Performance

You might be surprised to learn that research conducted by Eduardo Salas, a program director of the Institute for Simulation & Training at the University of Central Florida, has uncovered that roughly 90 percent of new skills may be lost within a year if not reinforced by follow-ups or assessments.

No organisation is immune to challenges when it come to delivering training, and of course, no two organisations will struggle with the same set of challenges. That said, there are commonalities that experts have observed across nearly all businesses.

That said, there are commonalities that experts have observed across nearly all businesses.

Most learners have limited time and competing priorities

Learning effectiveness needs to improve – better “sticky” learning

Implementing an effective mobile learning strategy

Dealing with inadequate training materials
A limited budget and training resources

Keeping up with workplace learning trends

A lack of Interest and so limited learner engagement

Neglecting what happens after training

At eLearning Plus+, we work with you to help overcome these learning challenges and integrate workplace learning into the natural flow of the learners’ role. We can manage all of your online learning needs or support your existing training resource (which is often over stretched).

So how do we do it?

By keeping your learning programmes relevant to the learner’s task and role.

By helping you focus on learner buy-in.

By prioritising soft skills as much as you focus on technical skills.

By helping you build an effective culture of workplace learning.

By keeping learning interesting and simple, but engaging and effective.

By making learning delivery cost effective to maximise the return on your training budget.

We have 3 main delivery areas to help you deliver effective training:

Off the shelf courses

We have over 120 pre-built courses in key workplace topics ready for you to use immediately. You can take these as a complete catalogue to use across your whole organisation, as core topic collections or even as individual courses – whatever suits your current training needs.


For those organisations that want to manage their own courses and learners, we offer a user friendly LMS platform that is simple to use yet powerful for course/learner management, assessment, tracking and reporting.

Bespoke Course Development

We help you develop device friendly course content built specifically for your learners. We can incorporate video and animation as well as interactive mobile friendly content, so your learners can engage with the content at a time, place and pace that suits them best. We can also introduce gamification as well as building instructor led materials and job aids that underpin your blended learning delivery.

eLearning Plus eBrochure and eLearning Guide

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Online learning is a powerful way to extend your training delivery

Online learning offers tangible business benefits as part of your training delivery.

It is very cost effective

There are no travel costs

It’s ideal for homeworkers or virtual organisations

Learners can use your content at a time, place and pace that suits them best

Training will always be delivered consistently

Online assessments can test learners and demonstrate results to auditors

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