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    We provide both bespoke and pre-built courses – take a look at our Services and Courses sections to find out more.


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  • If you want motivated learners, the content has to be relevant, engaging, interactive and well delivered. In short, they need a positive learning experience.

  • We focus on helping you become a Smarter Business, by combining the latest research and thinking into how people learn best, with creativity & technology innovation. We harness digital skills and instructional design experience to deliver powerful bespoke and pre-built learning content.

    We support a Blended approach to learning and development with the creation of an integrated set of materials for classroom, ‘on the job’ and personal learning. And when it comes to managing learners, courses and quiz assessments, we can help you with SmartLMS, our very own LMS learning environment.

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  • Powerful Learning Development Services:


    • eLearning content creation
    • Video – filmed – animated – interactive
    • SmartLMS – hosting courses and learners
    • Classroom & workshop training materials
    • Legacy eLearning course conversion
    • A range of pre-built compliance courses
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  • So what is holding you back?

    With interactive learning solutions from eLearning Plus, you get new joiners up to speed quickly, you expand the skills and knowledge of existing employees and it becomes straightforward and cost effective to manage and deliver engaging learning across the whole of your organisation

    Contact us now to discuss your next project.


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