Your people drive your business success, so you need them at the top of their game

When you are looking to improve the performance of your business, you need people that deliver at their very best. But without the right skills and knowledge, your people will be unable to support your vision and deliver the business impact needed.

For most companies, the biggest challenge when it comes to developing people performance is ensuring the effectiveness of their training programmes. Yet even when they have an appropriate training budget, many organisations find their training to be ineffective (or only partially effective), usually because of a few common challenges:

The key challenges often mentioned are:

  • Learners are time poor and have busy schedules
  • You may have a dispersed workforce
  • Learners have different learning preferences
  • There is a lack of engagement due to boring and poor content
  • Often training can be a tick box exercise and may not be relevant to their role
  • Training budgets are under pressure so quality drops
We help you overcome these Challenges

At eLearning Plus, we’re helping you positively impact your business by taking your people and talent development to a whole new level by:


Moving your training online, removing the need for travel and venue costs


Incorporating different content types, like video, interactive content, gamification, infographics and animation to cater for different learning preferences


Creating microlearning to deliver short and focused content in bite-sized chunks to help with their busy work lives


Optimising your training for mobile consumption. Making training more convenient means your learners can access their training materials anywhere, any time – such as grabbing a coffee


Incorporating practical learning activities like case studies, scenarios and relatable examples into your training to increase engagement and add a sense of realism to their learning experience

You can deploy our off the shelf training to get your people development in place quickly and effectively, or we can fast track your course content creation using our team of instructional designers and developers to develop bespoke training to match your exact needs.

Our off the shelf collections include:

  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Insights
  • Sales Skills





“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Ensure everyone is ready for change

Companies that invest around £1,000 on training per employee can see an average of 24% more profit than companies who invest less.

HR Magazine

We understand the challenges you face providing training that drives business improvement. With a wide range of learning needs, we’ll help you deliver a variety of online learning tools such as scenarios, interactive video and animated explainers through to ebooks, interactive PDFs and practical job aids.

You don’t get a one size fits all with us!

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