About Us

  • We are an innovative learning development company with a desire to help you become a Smarter Business. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to support all of your learning needs.


  • Your trusted Learning Partner

    We are unbiased on tools and technologies (we don’t re-sell any of them) and will give you an honest view of the Pros and Cons around the many considerations for successful learning delivery.

  • What makes us Different?


    • We want to be a partner rather than a supplier
    • We are ready to challenge, advise and give an honest, unbiased view of what is best for your business and learners
    • We have in-house course creation, video production, animation and audio capabilities
    • We invest significantly in R&D to advise you appropriately on learning developments
    • We understand the challenging world of cross device learning delivery
    • We have our very own LMS platform