Ease the adoption and roll out of your change management projects with learner focused support

Managing change is one of the top challenges cited by HR and Learning and Development (L&D) professionals, whether those changes are company mergers, adopting new software platforms, company re-organisations or updating company processes.

The key challenges often mentioned are:

  • Nurturing sponsor/stakeholder support
  • Ensuring workforce buy-in and commitment
  • Creating effective change agents
  • Truly understanding the impact and defining indicators of success
  • Communicating effectively alongside appropriate help and support

But how do you ensure your change management programme doesn’t stall or fail and that your workforce is ready to embrace change and support its success?

We help you overcome these Challenges

At eLearning Plus, we work with you to truly understand the training needs of your organisation around Change Management and then create and deliver digital learning programmes that supports these needs by:


Working with you to develop content that educates your stakeholders, change agents and workforce, in order to promote support for the planned change


Helping remove the anxiety and worries that are often part of any planned change with video training and focused content that explains simply and effectively why the changes are needed


Using interactive content and storytelling to introduce learning content for any areas that might be challenging or sensitive.


Helping you develop training programmes for those individuals impacted by the change as well as advancing the skills of those change agents who will lead and support the project

You can choose from our off the shelf courses or we will work with you to develop tailor made programmes that exactly match your learners’ needs.





“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation”

Ann Voskamp

Ensure everyone is ready for change

69% of the most effective change programs offered training before and after go-live

The value of Change Management (Google research study

Managing change has its many challenges, so we ensure that our digital learning programmes support you at every stage of the process.

And we can help develop refresher content that helps embed these changes into the future.

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