Filmed, interactive or animated - we create video content that connects with your learners

Video is a powerful medium to support your learning programmes. It’s very engaging, works well cross device and helps your learners understand difficult or complex subjects. Video can be used to demonstrate both good and bad practice, to explain involved processes and procedures and to introduce variety into your learning content.


With our in-house video production capabilities, we manage all production requirements for you and can film whatever you need, from demonstrating what great customer service looks like, through to staging scenarios such as “dealing with difficult people”, that make the learning more realistic.

We can also film “presenters” shot against green screen which can then be overlaid onto other learning materials, so that your learning material really engages with the learner.

We help with all aspects of video creation and production including:
  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding
  • Video filming, edit and post production
  • Studio hire
  • Actor and voice over screening
  • Green screen filming
  • Staged scenarios using actors or in-house staff
  • Formatting and conversion of your video assets

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Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos help capture and retain your learner attention. They are also fun to watch but most important of all, they help you achieve a specific goal – to help learners understand. For example, an explainer video that walks a learner through a difficult concept or process step-by-step, will speed up understanding and retention, enabling learners to grasp each step as it is introduced.

Animation and illustration helps visualise processes or workflows and provides both interest and focal points for your learning content. Why not combine Explainer Videos with other learning content to increase interest or use them to open and close your learning courses?

We deliver Explainer Videos to facilitate everything from simple storytelling and character led stories to visualising technical or complex concepts and can produce a variety of styles to match your learning content:




Interactive Video

Interactive video is a great way to ensure that a learner proactively watches your video training and understands the content, by pausing and quizzing on the video periodically. No more starting the video and then ignoring it – you can quiz them at key points and if they fail, they can be sent back to view the video again. You can also provide further information and links straight on top of the video increasing the learning value of any existing video content you have.

As well as producing your video, we have developed a solution that turns your existing or new video content into an interactive, multi-dimensional experience rather than just a passive linear experience, From a linear monologue into an engaging dialogue, transforming the traditional viewing experience.

You can incorporate a variety of interactive elements directly onto the video itself, including hot spots, questions, branching and more. You can also collect rich data from your learners enabling you to review answers to questions or understand the route learners have taken through your video to inform your future training development.

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