Boost your team’s learning outcomes

Are you interested in a webinar aimed at achieving better learning outcomes?

Our eLearning specialist, Terry Simmons hosted a free eLearning Plus+ webinar a few weeks ago on just that subject. If you’re looking to enhance your team’s learning and development experience and in turn gain better outcomes for your organisation, then we’ve got it covered!

Terry focussed on how to provide training that’s more closely tailored to the needs and interests of your team, as well as how to align their development with your organisational goals and deliver positive learning outcomes.

As you’re likely aware, delivering effective learning and development within your organisation brings a variety of challenges – you want quick results, but effective training takes time. You want to deliver improved learning outcomes but may not have enough resources. So, you ask for more budget, but need to demonstrate improved ROI from your training first. It’s a chicken and egg situation!

So, can we train more efficiently and in a better way for time starved employees? Can we do it better, quicker, and even at a lower cost?

Yes – but we believe that you must take the time to understand the learner journey first!

With over ten years’ experience, eLearning specialist Terry Simmons led a lively webinar, where he uncovered how you can gain better learning outcomes. He addressed how to use the eLearning Plus+ 6 step practical implementation framework to transform your learner journeys.

Understand the Learner Journey

If we understand the journey a learner takes (whether voluntarily or compulsory), we can optimise their learning experience to significantly improve learning outcomes. For example, adding to their skills and knowledge and increasing their motivation to learn. Enhancing your training approach as well as your learning delivery will benefit your wider organisation too. You’ll have a better chance of recruiting and retaining top talent to create a stronger performing organisation overall. And this is likely to have a positive impact by boosting ROI. So, everyone’s a winner!

If you’d like a PDF copy of the Framework or are interested in trialing the Learner Journey Framework on one of your next projects, please get in touch.