Video Conference Bingo

Have a bit of fun on your next online team meeting with our Video Conference Bingo Card

We know that times are still very difficult for many and remote working has its challenges, not the least of which is the loss of connection with co-workers.

In fact, we have seen an increase in people making use of our free Mental Health courses, so it is clear that people are still feeling the effects of the current situation.

To help with the feeling of isolation and separation from co-workers and to bring a little fun back into your virtual team meetings, we have created a Video Conference Bingo card for you to use.

I would suggest a few rules:

  1. As a matter of courtesy for all on your calls, only use this when agreed by all.

  2. This is really meant as a bit of fun so don’t use this on important calls but on those calls that are focused on team morale & engagement.

  3. Put a cross in the square when the situation occurs and the first to shout Bingo for a complete row or column is the winner.

  4. Have fun!

I hope you and your team find this fun. Just a small way to help deal with the anxieties and stress caused by remote working. You can download the PDF Bingo card below:

Why not give it a try on your next team video meeting?