Activate the senses for deeper learning

How do you need to receive information to best learn and retain knowledge?

In order to learn on a deeper level, we at eLearning Plus+ believe in engaging the learners’ natural senses!

It’s all about creating meaningful connections between the content and the learner. This helps us retain that all important new knowledge and skills and be able to retrieve it and put it into action. We can help the way we process and store information by using the three main learning styles:

  • Visual – communicating through sight
  • Auditory – hearing the information
  • Kinaesthetic – taking part in an activity
Around 65% of people are visual learners

Visual learners need to engage with interesting graphics and visuals either in a face to face or online setting. Providing lengthy documents and bullet point heavy presentations or talking head videos with no visual cues just won’t work!

Around 30% of people are auditory learners

The more you can communicate through sound the better for these learners. They won’t thank you for long informational documents to process without any supporting audio. Alongside listening to a person talk they also benefit from recorded audio and video. Podcasts are ideal for these types of learner.

Around 5% of people are kinaesthetic learners

Kinaesthetic learners struggle with traditional forms of learning such as in person or online. Typically, they like to get involved in physical activities around the subject they are learning for it to sink in.

How can we adapt eLearning for different learning styles?

Most of us understand that there are different learning styles but often courses and materials aren’t adapted accordingly. With the 3 styles being quite different, it can be very frustrating for learners if the way they learn best isn’t accounted for.

We find that having a good mix of mediums is the solution. At eLearning Plus+ we generate visually impactful, punchy eLearning courses which include supporting visuals, succinct text, audio, video, gamification, infographics, workbooks and hands on tasks like role play. Click here to find out more.

If you’d like more information on how your eLearning can best appeal to all learning styles get in touch!