Adapt your training to the new hybrid world

It’s no surprise to any of us that hybrid working is here to stay. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, remote and hybrid working have continued to rise, requiring organisations to quickly adapt.

There are several types of training which you can introduce into your workplace learning strategy to make sure that the people who are central to your business are best supported. Some of the key training activities we’d recommend include equipping managers for hybrid teams, performance management, wellbeing, mental health, communication, and onboarding.

Whilst there’s still much to learn about our new ways of working, some interesting insights are already starting to come to the surface.

Management evolution to meet hybrid needs
Supporting your employees to work confidently and healthily in a rapidly changing work environment is necessary for employee happiness and retention. As the hybrid working world continues to gain momentum, people management is more important than ever. Managers will need to begin delving deeper into their employees’ fulfilment, including:
  • Prioritising wellbeing and promoting activities that help to maintain good health
  • Spotting signs of poor wellbeing and understanding how to provide support in these situations
  • Continuously engaging and energising hybrid teams
  • Assessing skills caps and development opportunities
  • Providing dedicated time for managers and leaders to discuss shared challenges and idea
Consistent and clear communications
By helping your employees to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate in a hybrid environment, you’ll create an encouraging setting where your team feels open and comfortable. Having one-to-ones, peer group sessions and team catch-ups are just some of the ways to help strengthen your activities.

Ensuring that managers communicate the business direction and understanding the role that their team plays in this, is important in enabling everyone, wherever they are working, to feel part of the bigger picture.

Create an inclusive hybrid environment

36% of businesses are already redesigning learning and development activities so that they can be delivered to a hybrid workforce. If you’re only just starting to make inroads, here are some ways to establish or improve inclusivity across your hybrid team.
  • Ensure new starters and junior members don’t miss out on skills development because of hybrid working
  • Train managers to focus on outcomes, rather than activities, as part of performance management processes
  • Help leaders to understand what poor performance looks like in a hybrid working environment and train them in how to remedy this
  • Train your team on communication skills so that everyone can keep connected, as well as being open and honest with each other
  • Equip leaders and managers with coaching skills to help empower team members to manage their own personal development
  • Help managers to identify signs of poor wellbeing and advise what they can do about this
  • Upskill employees so they can perform and thrive in a changing environment

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