Onboarding is a journey, not an event

HR departments across a spectrum of industries are facing challenges in today’s volatile climate. It seems to be more critical than ever to nurture, retain and attract the people essential to your business.

eLearning Plus+ works with many HRDs and L&D teams to create and deliver a range of courses, information and resources for their new joiners – and we’ve seen which approaches work well and which don’t!

Onboarding is a journey, not an event

New joiners should feel welcomed and part of the organisation they have joined. Any worries and uncertainties should be addressed, to show you understand their needs and concerns. Try not to overwhelm them with a barrage of information but, instead, provide an onboarding pathway that builds their confidence with the right resources available at the right time. 

  • New employees need to know that they have made the right decision and could have a long-term future with your business
  • They quickly need to feel involved and part of the business
  • Introduce a sense of your company culture and values by ensuring that your interactions and activities truly reflect your values
  • Managers should be proactive in providing opportunities to network, so new joiners grow their own support network
  • Consider adapting your onboarding processes to deliver a journey, not just an event


Preboarding is a powerful yet underutilised tool

Before your new joiners walk through the door (virtually or face to face), you can help them ‘acclimatise’ to your organisation, your people and your way of working. This helps reduce apprehension and those feelings of uncertainty when your new joiner starts their first day.

  • Let them meet their team – friendly faces help create a connection to the team and their roles, and also the work location
  • Set clear expectations – provide a download plan for their first day, week or month
  • Allow them to ask questions directly to their team or manager
  • Start some onboarding training – for example, introduce your processes or key applications
  • Set the tone – make a positive first impression with clarity vs. formality

Onboarding best practices

Finally, here is a checklist of points to consider when adopting a best practice approach to your onboarding delivery:

  • Think about what to cover, and what NOT to cover
  • Explain organisational values and culture – why is it a great place to work?
  • Provide warm welcome messages from senior leaders
  • Set clear expectations about the role and what they should look to achieve in their first week, month and year – provide a checklist to help them be successful
  • Cover the key processes, tools or software that they need to get to grips with – use interactive eLearning scenarios or simulations to fast-track uptake
  • Provide ongoing, planned support and training to improve time-to-competence
  • Survey newer employees about their joining experience and be prepared to adapt your onboarding journey


If you’d like to chat about your onboarding activities and ideas on how we can help new joiners to be focused and engaged, then get in touch with eLearning Plus+, today!

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