Be Creative in Your Course Delivery and Content Webinar

Did you tune into our “Get Creative Webinar”?

Our eLearning specialist, Terry Simmons, hosted a free eLearning Plus+ webinar sharing a variety of real client projects to show the innovation and creativity that you could apply to your training. 

We also covered the latest cutting-edge eLearning techniques to provide lots of inspiration to take away and use in your own training courses and materials.

Watch the replay today to find out about:

  • Blended delivery – fuse digital with face-to-face
  • Interactive video – making your video interactive and multi-dimensional
  • PowerPoint training decks – take PowerPoint to the next level
  • eBook courses – engage through eBook content
  • Interactive PDFs – explore how iPDFs bring structure and interactivity
  • Classroom in a Box – developing a comprehensive Trainer’s Toolkit