WEBINAR – Workplace Training to meet the needs of today’s HR leads

Employee satisfaction, nurturing and retention have never been more important. 

With the impact of the pandemic and Brexit, we’re aware of the need more than ever to attract, nurture, and retain your valuable employees.

Our eLearning specialist, Terry Simmons hosted a free eLearning Plus+ webinar looking into some of the challenges that today’s HR leads are facing. 

If you want to understand how taking a strategic approach to your learning content and delivery can help overcome these challenges, then take a look through the webinar. 

Terry provided an in depth review on the following areas:

  • Making your HR strategy more holistic to meet your business goals and objectives
  • How to get it right from the onboarding stage
  • Adapting your training to the hybrid working world
  • Choosing the right metrics when reporting to the leadership team