We help create a strategic approach to your learning delivery

Introducing the Strategic Learning Canvas

The eLearning Plus+ Strategic Learning Canvas provides a managed and planned approach to your learning delivery, and ensures you focus on providing the critical learning necessary to meet your business objectives.

Download the Strategic Learning Canvas Doodle

Strategic Learning Canvas

Implementing this canvas helps successfully build the essential foundations needed to create your strategic learning framework alongside your tactical learning delivery programme.

This approach ensures you target appropriate learning needs, build a supportive environment and secure buy-in from your learners and stakeholders.

An essential aspect of this canvas is to ensure you measure and review against the KPIs identified, and communicate outcomes regularly to stakeholders and learners.

The Learning Strategy

We start with the learning strategy side of the canvas.

Together, we explore and identify those skills that are needed both now, and into the future, to help meet the business targets & objectives.

We review the current skillset within the team and analyse the gaps and priorities.

This enables us to create a strategic learning framework that directly addresses these skills gaps.

There are 2 steps in this phase:

  1. THE PLANNING SESSION, which helps define timescales, outcomes and who needs to be involved as well as the project context within which to build the learning strategy.

  2. THE STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK WORKSHOP, which explores and analyses the current skillset and skills gap and documents the learning approach (framework) needed.

The Learning Tactics

Having developed the strategic learning framework, you are then ready to develop the tactical learning delivery programme that address the tactical activities needed to bring this framework to life:

  • Building a positive learning culture that ensures the learning provided will be successful.
  • Creating a range of pathways, courses and learning resources that deliver the essential knowledge needed.
  • Introducing skilled facilitators to support learners and peer groups so that learning turns into positive action.
  • Providing innovative technologies that support learners whatever their role or location.

In this phase, we run THE TACTICAL LEARNING DELIVERY PROGRAMME WORKSHOP, to detail the actions and developments needed to meet the strategic learning framework, as well as the communications plan for reporting on progress.

When we help you develop the tactical learning delivery programme, we also have a toolkit of services and technologies that help speed up implementation and fast track your delivery.

With a range of online courses, bespoke content development skills and innovative learning technologies, we integrate with your current delivery programmes too.