Define and develop the skills needed for business success

Are you ready to drive your business objectives with strategic learning?

Much of today’s training is disengaging. It ignores the real needs of learners and fails to deliver impactful learning outcomes. At eLearning Plus+, we help you create engaging learning experiences that inspire and motivate learners to develop a new skill, change a behaviour, or improve their performance.

Taking a strategic approach, we work closely with you to understand your individual business objectives, the skills required and your skills gaps.

By running a dedicated skills audit, we’ll help reveal gaps in knowledge, capabilities and wellbeing, as well as any areas where you could be more inclusive to ensure balanced training opportunities across your organisation.

But we don’t just provide platforms or training content without context. 

Having identified the strategic learning framework that meets your business needs, our experienced and dynamic team support the implementation of this framework. We fuse tailored learning content and technologies with facilitated training, mentoring and coaching to meet the needs of your learners and your key performance targets.

Our services help clients to:

  • Drive business performance and growth
  • Develop highly engaged employees
  • Increase skills across teams and leaders
  • Ensure strong employee retention
  • Manage risk to the business
  • Improve training ROI
  • Deliver inclusive training for everyone

Who we work with

We help organisations that recognise the value of developing their people in order to improve business performance. Our work includes assessing, creating and delivering the learning needed to help their people continually improve and perform at their highest level.

We support training companies and professional services organisations that have scaling ambitions. Those companies looking to expand their business by introducing digital capabilities (delivered through online content and platforms) alongside their facilitated training and coaching interventions.